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Bullet Features

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boatail bullet

Some bullet features cannot be produced during final forming, such as fluted or segmented edges that aid the expansion of hunting bullets. Jacket flutes can be added in the last draw operation by using a punch machined with the reverse of the flute pattern. The pattern transfers to the jacket mouth as the jacket passes through the last die.

before and after of coining process, showing upper and lower dies squeezing metal to form a shape

Coining process

Sharp-pointed full metal jackets (FMJ) are formed in a coining die. This type of die completely traps the jacket between a die and a punch, supporting every surface. The die and punch provide the force and control of material flow needed to create a sharp point. Only coining can form sharp, uniform points on thicker rifle jackets. For other metal-jacketed bullets, forcing the soft core into the thin jacket (supported by the final nose-form die) forms rounded tips.

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