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AFTE Knowledge and Ability Factors

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85. Knowledge of propellants:  physical forms and associated purposes of small arms propellants; black gun powder and Pyrodex; nitrocellulose propellants, both single and double base
86. Knowledge of projectiles: design (ogive shape, base shape, cannelure types, forming processes); construction and composition (lead alloy compositions, jacketing materials and styles, etc.)
87. Cartridge cases: design (i.e., rimfire, centerfire, Boxer/Berdan priming systems); compositions (copper, brass, steel, aluminum)
88. Manufacturer information: headstamps, color coding
90.  Knowledge of shotshell: design, construction and nomenclature; shot sizes and composition (hardened lead, plated steel, etc.); wad design and types of filler (buffering) materials
91. Knowledge of primers: design, color, staking
92.  Knowledge of ammunition components
93.  Knowledge of ammunition manufacturing methods
95. Knowledge of the principles of ammunition reloading
96. Knowledge of the tools, sources, and types of components used in ammunition reloading, and when to use them
115. Knowledge of the toolmarks created during the reloading of ammunition
39. Ability torecognize, compare and identify various ammunition types and components
43. Ability torecognize reloaded or handloaded ammunition
46. Ability to recognize: (1) those attributes or characteristics of a particular firearm design which are reflected in the fired projectiles and fired cartridge cases; and (2) nonfirearm caused toolmarks on ammunition components
47. Ability todetermine the source and uniqueness of various striated and/or static marks on bullets and cartridges
77. Ability to identify the physical form and type of small arms propellant recovered from a gun, victim's clothing, etc. (e.g., flattened ball powder, perforated disc, flake powder, etc.)
82.  Ability to recognize the various physical and chemical forms of propellants, their purpose in various cartridges, and their value as physical evidence

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