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Report Contents

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Typically the contents of a firearms/toolmark report will include these elements:

  • Date of the report
  • Laboratory/agency address
  • Attention line
  • Submitting agency case number
  • Laboratory tracking number
  • Written title for the case (may contain suspect’s name, the victim’s name, and the violation)
  • Examinations requested
  • List and general description of evidence items received
  • When, how, and by whom the evidence items were received
  • Results of examination(s) performed
  • Information regarding return of evidence
  • Signature of examiner and quality assurance reviewer(s) (per laboratory protocol)

Worksheets must be used by examiners to document their work and to refresh their recollections for testimonies. This is also a particularly effective way to organize case file information so that it can be incorporated into the report. Sample worksheets for various types of examinations can be found in the resource section of this training program.

The resource section of this training program contains sample reports with language and statements pertaining to the specific area of firearm/toolmark examination covered in each module. It should be emphasized that laboratory policies and procedures for report writing must be followed and that the sample reports contained in the resource section are provided only for guidance.

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