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Report Writing

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This section discusses how to report results for firearm and toolmark analysis. The report is an official document and may be read by many professionals, including these:

  • Investigators
  • Prosecutors
  • Defense attorneys
  • Other forensic experts

There are some general guidelines pertaining to all forensic reports that should be followed.

Forensic reports must

  • adhere to the administrative and technical policies of the issuing laboratory,
  • adhere to the requirements of the laboratory’s accrediting body,
  • address all examinations requested by the submitting agency,
  • include results of any additional unrequested examinations,
  • be clearly written in Standard English using appropriate grammar and punctuation,
  • be written, to the extent possible, in non-technical terms,
  • express results in a balanced and unbiased way,
  • be a reflection of the case file.

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