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At the conclusion of this module the student should be able to

  • choose the ideal modality for message delivery considering the purpose location, and audience,
  • describe how to effectively present technical information verbally,
  • describe how to organize thoughts before writing,
  • describe how to create an extended outline for writing,
  • organize papers using bullet points with consideration to flow and style,
  • describe what is required for a forensic report,
  • describe the guidelines for writing a forensic report,
  • know the courtroom structure and personnel within the court ,
  • know basic courtroom procedures and protocols,
  • define the general rules of evidence, discovery, and admissibility,
  • define the general qualifications necessary before being allowed to testify as an expert witness,
  • describe the appropriate demeanor and attire while providing testimony,
  • describe the courtroom setting and how to present technical testimony and evidence,
  • describe the ethical considerations when presenting testimony and the impact of providing faulty or erroneous evidence,
  • describe basic techniques for handling hostile attorneys.

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