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As part of this commitment, we are making available the nearly 30-year archive of training material, symposia, poster presentations, and technical evaluations completed by our founding component, the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC).

Trace Evidence Symposium 2011: Science, Significance and Impact

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Day 1 • Monday, August 8, 2011

Session TitlePresenter(s) Presentation Video
Homemade Explosives
David A. Green
Edward Bender
Dyes, Fibers and Recent Advances in Textile Chemistry
David Hinks
Keith Beck
Jennifer Remy
Soil Analysis
Jenny Smith
Jason Beckert
Skip Palenik
Fiber Contact Traces – Distribution and Persistence
Sandra Koch
Wolf Krauss
James W. Rawlins
Kornelia Nehse  ▼ View PDF
José R. Almirall
Edward Bartick
John V. Goodpaster
Stephen L. Morgan
Chemical and Physical Material Analysis
Vincent J. Desiderio
Andrew Bowen
Bill Chapin
Paint Data Query (Day One through Three)
Diana Wright
Tamara Hodgins

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Day 2 • Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Session TitlePresenter(s) Presentation Video
Advanced Fire Debris Analysis Interpretation
David A. Green
Ronald L. Kelly
Fracture Match Course
Chris E. Taylor
Troy J. Nowak  ▼ View PDF  
Animal Hair Identification for Forensic Scientists
Sandy Parent
Bonnie C. Yates
Identification of Natural Fibers
Amy Michaud  ▼ View PDF
Leanora Bender
Trace Evidence for New and Non‐Practitioners
Vincent J. Desiderio
Maureen C. Bottrell
Jeffrey Dake
David B. Flohr
Sandra Koch
Welcome and Opening RemarksCharles Heurich  ► Play Video
Maureen C. Bottrell
Debating the Merits of Trace Evidence Analysis and Interpretation
Joseph P. Bono
Maureen C. Bottrell  ► Play Video
David Exline  ► Play Video
Rockne P. Harmon  ► Play Video
D. Michael Risinger  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Trace Evidence Moving Forward
Richard E. Bisbing
Gerry LaPorte  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Claude Roux  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Vincent J. Desiderio  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
JoAnn Buscaglia  ▼ View PDF  

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Day 3 • Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Session TitlePresenter(s) Presentation Video
Presentation of Case Studies David A. Green
Ray Palmer  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Bill Schneck  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Maarten Hordijk  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Gwyneth Williams Gordon  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Chris E. Taylor
Marianne Stam  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Andrew Bowen  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Ethan Smith  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Skip Palenik  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Sandy Parent
Edward M. Suzuki  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Chris Palenik  ► Play Video
Diana Wright  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Tamara Hodgins  ► Play Video
Things That Go Boom
Jenny Smith
David B. Flohr  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Louissa Marsh  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Robert Berk  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Line Gueissaz  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Maureen C. Bottrell
Stefan Becker  ▼ View PDF
Emily R. Schenk  ▼ View PDF
Kristine Olsson  ► Play Video
Troy Ernst  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Eric Kalendra  ► Play Video
José R. Almirall  ► Play Video
Keith Beck
Dale K. Purcell  ► Play Video
Cheryl Szkudlarek  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Claude Roux  ► Play Video
David Hinks  ► Play Video
Ed Bartick  ► Play Video
and Stephen L. Morgan
Harold Deadman  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Non-Conventional Trace Evidence
Amy Michaud
Jeffrey Dake  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Madlen Margau  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Claude Roux  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
David A. Stoney  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Skip Palenik  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Kari Pitts  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video

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Day 4 • Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Session TitlePresenter(s) Presentation Video
Case Study: Processing of Deceased Bodies by Trace Evidence Examiners in the Morgue Setting
Sandra Koch
Patricia C. Eddings  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Kelly L. Belcher  ► Play Video
Instrumental Analysis
Stephen L. Morgan
Deanna M. O’Donnell  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Megan Mekoli  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Tatiana Trejos  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Interpretation of Data
William A. Randle
David A. Stoney  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Ruth Morgan  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
R. Bradley Patterson  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Barry K. Lavine  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Donald T. Gantz  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Microscopic Trace Evidence: The Overlooked Clue
Skip Palenik  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Vid 1 
 ► Play Vid 2 
Report Writing
Sandy Parent
Marianne Stam  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Kornelia Nehse  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Michael B. Smith  ▼ View PDF  ► Play Video
Poster Award PresentationVincent J. Desiderio  ► Play Video
Closing RemarksCharles Heurich  ► Play Video

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