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Modern Single-Action Revolvers

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Exploded diagram of Ruger Revolver, showing highlighted Transfer Bar

Ruger revolver transfer bar

RCMP Firearms Reference Table

Modern single-action revolvers generally include an integrated safety feature to prevent accidental discharge. For example, Ruger revolvers use a transfer bar safety. This involves the use of a bar connected to the trigger. When the trigger is pulled, the bar is raised up to be struck by the falling hammer, transferring the energy of the hammer to the firing pin. Without the trigger being pulled, the hammer will not make contact with the firing pin.

Hammer Block

Outline diagram of a single-action revolver handgun with hammer block highlighted and labeled.

Courtesy of AFTE

Some single-action revolvers use a hammer block safety which, in the safe position, blocks contact between the cartridge and the hammer. When the trigger is pulled, the bar is retracted and the hammer is allowed to make contact with the firing pin, striking the cartridge.

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