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Other Bullet Recovery Systems

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Duke Projectile Recovery System –
combination foam and
synthetic/natural fiber blend

Image courtesy of Ballistics Research, Inc.

Over the years, several alternative techniques have been used for the recovery of fired bullets, including:

  • Wet telephone books
  • Oil or water-soaked sawdust  
  • Ballistic gelatin
  • Plastic milk jugs
  • Blocks of ice

Many of these methods work well because they do not damage the outer surface of fired bullets and prevent fragmentation. However, setup for each test firing is typically time consuming and complex.

SnailTrap Forensic Buddy –
rubber ball recovery system

Image courtesy of Savage Arms Inc.

Click for larger image

In recent decades, variations of the cotton box have been constructed using filler other than cotton, such as rubber balls or foam. These are available in several grades according to the velocity of bullet they are designed to capture.

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