Miniaturized Microfluidic Devices for Forensic DNA Analysis
Technology Transfer Workshop
Workshop Curriculum

August 14-15, 2008
National Forensic Science Technology Center
Largo, Florida

Team Name Contact Information
Workshop Leader Dr. Eugene Tan
(781) 938-6066 (office)
Workshop Instructors: Dr. Eugene Tan See above
  Mark McSheehy
(781) 938-6060 (office)
Workshop Overview

The purpose of this technology transfer workshop is to provide the student with an introduction to microfluidics, biochip-based extraction, amplification, quantification, separation and detection mechanisms, and the use of this technology to enable fully integrated DNA analysis in the forensic setting in the future. This class will include both lecture and demonstration activities to illustrate the concepts presented.

Microfluidic separation and detection of DNA fragments will be demonstrated using the ruggedized, portable Genebench FX™-Series 100 instrument. Identifiler® amplicons will be utilized during this demonstration and the data will be analyzed using GeneMarker® software.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Miniaturized Microfluidic Devices for Forensic DNA Analysis Technology Transfer Workshop, the participant will acquire the knowledge to:
  • Explain how microfluidics processes work
  • Describe recent advances in microfluidic biochip-based DNA analysis systems
  • Explain how DNA fragment separation and detection using the Genebench FX™-Series 100 instrument compares to technologies currently used in forensic DNA laboratories
  • Describe how the GeneMarker® software is used for data analysis in conjunction with the Genebench FX™-Series 100 instrument
  • Discuss the fully integrated system in development by Network Biosystems

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