Christine Sanders

Laser Microdissection Technology Transfer Workshop for Examiners

July 30-31, 2007
National Forensic Science Technology Center
Largo, Florida

Workshop Leader: Christine Sanders
Workshop Instructors: Christine Sanders, Pat Wojtkiewicz, and Kelli Raley
Workshop Overview

The purpose of this technology transfer workshop is to provide the student with an introduction to laser microdissection (LMD), methods for preparing samples for LMD, LMD operation, methods for DNA analysis of LMD recovered cells, and an understanding of the application of LMD recovery to sexual assault evidence analysis. This class will include both lecture and laboratory activities to illustrate the concepts presented.

Laser microdissection will be demonstrated on sperm and epithelial cells smears using the latest LMD instrumentation. Cells collected from the laboratory exercises will be analyzed for Short Tandem Repeat loci using PCR and capillary electrophoresis analysis
Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Laser Microdissection Technology Transfer Workshop for Examiners, the participant will acquire the knowledge to:
  • Explain the laser microdissection process and the development of the technology
  • Describe and perform methods used to prepare and stain slides for LMD
  • Operate the Leica LMD 6000 instrument using both brightfield and fluorescence microscopy
  • Separate sperm from a sperm/epithelial cell mixture using LMD
  • Describe methods used to analyze the DNA from LMD collected cells
  • Summarize research studies pertinent to the validation of LMD for forensic use.

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