Cedar Fox QD Handwriting Software Technology Transfer Workshop

July 12-13, 2007
National Forensic Science Technology Center
Largo, Florida

Workshop Leader: Sargur Srihari
Workshop Instructors: Chen Huang and Harish Srinivasan
Workshop Overview

The purpose of this technology transfer workshop is to provide the student with an introduction to the Cedar-Fox handwriting analysis software. This class will include both lecture and demonstration activities to illustrate the concepts presented.

Analysis will be demonstrated on standard reference samples as well as on samples created during the workshop.

The student will gain an appreciation of the principles underlying the software as well as the use of various functions available.

The potential use of Cedar-Fox in case work will be described.
Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Cedar Fox QD Technology Transfer Workshop, the participant will acquire the knowledge to:
  • Use the writer verification function
  • Use the writer identification function
  • Use the search features of the software
  • Use the signature verification function
  • Understand the role of computational methods in case work at present and in the future

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