Wednesday, Day 3

On your own: Finish screening for semen / ALS Exams

8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m. Laboratory


9:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m. Classroom

Screening for Saliva Presentation (PDF 596kB)

Screening for Other Body Fluids Presentation (PDF 492kB)

Videos | SALIGaE® Test for Presence of Saliva (WMV 4.3MB) | Phadebas (WMV 9.1MB) | Amylase Diffusion (WMV 9.6MB)

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10:00 a.m.–10:15 a.m.

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10:15 a.m.–11:00 a.m. Laboratory

Instructors will demonstrate various tests and techniques for the detection of saliva and other bodily fluids, such as: SALIGaE® Test for Presence of Saliva, Phadebas® Amylase Test, and RSID.

Lecture, part 1

11:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Classroom

Presentation (PDF 596kB)


11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

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Lecture, part 2

12:30 p.m.–1:00 p.m. Classroom

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Crime Scene Exercise, part 1

1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. Classroom


2:00 p.m.–2:15 p.m.

Crime Scene Exercise, part 2

2:15 p.m.–3:15 p.m. Classroom

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3:15 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Classroom

Report Writing Presentation (PDF 140kB)

Current Trends Presentation (PDF 164kB)